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Growth Management

One of the key aspects of the Official Plan is to provide the Municipality of Clarington with a clear vision of how and where to accommodate future growth.  In doing so, the Municipality’s Official Plan Review will provide a “local approach” to reaching the objectives of the Provincial and Regional Growth Plans. Clarington’s current growth framework will be reviewed and updated to meet the requirements of both the Provincial Growth Plan and the Growing Durham Study using best practices of plan preparation, implementation and monitoring. Beginning with a design emphasis, the goal is not only to create great urban places, but also to improve how the land use planning is linked to infrastructure and fiscal planning.

January 9, 2013 – OMB Approves ROPA 128 (Excerpt from Region of Durham Staff Report P-4-13)
(Staff Report P-4-13)

ROPA 128 establishes the Region’s vision for 2031 with a policy framework for the creation of healthy, complete and sustainable communtiies.  ROPA 128 accommodates the population and employment forecasts mandated by the Growth Plan, meets density targets, and addresses urban land needs.  ROPA 128 also provides the basis for amendments to the area municipal offical plans to ensure conformity with the Growth Plan. 

Key features of the amendment include:
  • Implementing a balanced growth approach, recognizing the population and employment growth potential of each of the eight local area municipalities within the Region;
  • Reserving future population and employment growth for the Townships of Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge, located within the Greenbelt;
  • Focusing urban growth on centres, corridors and waterfront places to accommodate transit supportive densities;
  • Establishing a strategy and policies to achieve an average annual rate of residential intensification of 40 percent to help achieve transit supportive densities;
  • Designating Urban Growth Centres – areas with the highest concentration of residents and jobs  - in Oshawa and Pickering;
  • Designating new urban land focused around the easterly completion of Highway 407; and
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Greenbelt Plan Area.

There are several remaining site specific appeals that will be addressed through future OMB proceedings.
Region of Durham - Planning - Regional Official Plan Amendment No. 128